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The Future is Bright with New Mets Ownership

There has been a change at the top of New York Mets ownership. The Wilpon Era is officially over. Hedge Fund billionaire Steve Cohen will take his place as owner of the Mets.

Cohen was approved by the MLB owners for his new position on October 30th, purchasing the team for 2.45 billion. Mets fans everywhere are still in awe of the change about a week later. They expect to see much better baseball in the near future. (And by near future, they mean, like, right now).

Off to a good start

Photo from Sports Illustrated

Cohen has already gained favor with the Mets’ fan base. He took to Twitter to ask how he could make going to games a better experience. He answered numerous questions, sometimes replying directly to fans on the social media platform.

The Wilpons were responsible for their debts after getting caught up in a Ponzi scheme; this caused the Mets to suffer well into the late 2010s. Their only redeeming year was 2015. That season ended in heartbreak though, as they lost to the Kansas City Royals in the World Series 4-1.

Cohen brings new hope to this franchise, as he’s made up his mind to improve the front office and analytics staff. In fact, he has already hired incoming team president, Sandy Alderson, in order to invest time and money in the organization’s infrastructure. They’ll look into such things as research and development and modern strength and conditioning.

Looking to 2021

Free agency has begun and the Mets seem to be in the running for some top talent. This includes J.T. Realmuto and Trevor Bauer. Cohen will first finalize his place in Mets ownership before turning his head over to free agency, however.

You can bet on many changes to be made before the start of next season. It’s early, to be fair. But the entire Mets fan base should be excited for good things to come.