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From Gawker Media

Joe Buck is ineffective with a 100 MPH fastball

Joe Buck has a hell of a voice. It’s deep and booming, something he has worked years to perfect. He annunciates his words clearly. He’s eloquent. He has all of the tools necessary to be the best play-by-play commentator in all of sports.

And yet, like a pitcher with a 100 MPH fastball who gets lit up every time he gets on the bump, Joe Buck just isn’t that effective in the booth.

Say Something!

From Fox Sports

One of Joe Buck’s signature moves is saying…nothing. Literally. Nada. Big moment happens; crickets in the booth. He does this in an effort to let the fan appreciate the moment, unencumbered by a voice talking over the action.

Bro. That’s what you get paid to do. Say something cool for once.

Seriously, can you think of one iconic Joe Buck call? The calls you remember happen in the significant moments of a game. Where is his “do you believe in miracles?!” Where is his “Havlicek stole the ball!”? For being a part of so many timeless sports moments, Joe Buck has precious few standout moments that viewers and listeners remember.

It’s in him. It has to be in him. The guy’s been around a long time and is well-versed in the history of multiple sports. He’s an educated and worldly person that can surely pull from a well of applicable references for various situations. Joe Buck can be better.

Silence is not always golden.

Mix up your pitches

I mean this literally and figuratively. Joe Bucks says practically every sentence with the same pitch, tone, volume, etc. Like I said, Joe Buck has a dynamite voice. But being so consistent with it dulls its effect. That’s the literal meaning.

Figuratively, Joe Buck, like the ineffective pitcher with the 100 MPH heater, has to mix in some off-speed stuff to make his fastball more effective. The dude is just a machine gun up there.

There’s time

Joe Buck is 51 years old and will probably continue to call big games and history-making moments for a while. There’s plenty of time for him to further master his craft and give us the commentary we so desire, which he did not do in the Saints-Bucs game today.

I would like to point out before I finish this article, however, that I don’t really know shit; I didn’t go to broadcasting school or grow up with a famous commentator for a father, like Joe did. But it my layman’s perspective, Joe Buck could use his gifts much more compellingly.

His 100 MPH fastball gets crushed far too often.