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From Adam Hagy, USA TODAY Sports

It’s okay to say DeVonta Smith is too skinny

Don’t get caught questioning DeVonta Smith’s frame on Twitter. Bad idea. A fire will reign down upon you, borne from the bronze of Smith’s Heisman trophy. DeVonta Smith is the best college wide receiver many of us have ever seen. You dare to question his NFL prospects based on his slight build? *Boo this man gif*

Welp. I’m questioning it. His weight, or lack thereof, scares me. You should take it into account as well.


From The Charlotte Observer

DeVonta Smith is listed at 174 pounds. Yeah right. One look at this guy and you can tell he ain’t no 174 pounds. Maybe with the pads and cleats on he is. But when Smith wakes up in the morning and steps on the scale, there’s no way it says 174. He appears between 150 and 160. I’m gonna assume his listed height is accurate (6’1″). This guy looks like Wiz Khalifa playing wide out.

Those who defend his lack of mass point to other receivers who succeeded at around the same weight. They throw out names like Antonio Brown and Marvin Harrison, two dominant players who were under 200 pounds. Quite the compliment to be mentioned in the same breath as those two.

The problem with these comps is both Harrison and Brown were/are still heavier and more muscular than Smith.

Robby Anderson is the best comp in my opinion. The Panthers receiver is taller, at 6’3″, but at 190 pounds., he is proportionally similar to Smith. Anderson has put together a nice career so far, establishing himself as a reliable target despite below-average QB play. Would you draft Robby Anderson in the top three, though? You probably wouldn’t.

It doesn’t take much

I’m not saying DeVonta Smith has to show up for training camp tipping the scale at 210 pounds. There are plenty of thin receivers in the NFL who get the job done with their quickness, route running, breakaway speed, and toughness. Smith seems to have all of those things, he just needs to beef up a tad. A tad, okay?

If Smith weighs in at, say, 185 a little before the draft, I’ll be satisfied. That’s what the aforementioned Brown and Harrison weighed, and seems to be around the bare minimum to succeed as a wide out in the NFL. You need a little meat on you if you want to survive a 16-game season against the biggest, fastest, strongest football players on the planet. Sorry, but it’s just a fact, Jack. Smith has all of the unteachable parts of the game; that’s what made him the first receiver to win the Heisman since Desmond Howard in ’91.

Is it so bad to say he should spend some more time in the caf during his last semester at Alabama?

It apparently is to some, but that’s just stupid. DeVonta Smith needs to put on some weight in order for me to be comfortable with my Dolphins taking him at #3. I think you should bank on the rule instead of the (possible) exception that high in the draft. Receivers built like Ja’Marr Chase are the rule, while Smith, if he stays healthy and succeeds at his current size, would be the clear exception. Shit, maybe he will, maybe I’m the stupid one.

But it’s a risk I’d be wary of taking.