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From Chat Sports

I want Dan Campbell to coach forever

Dan Campbell. Man Campbell. What a guy. The new Detroit Lions head coach has arrived and is ready to have his team bite off parts of their opponents’ bodies in order to secure a victory.

Well goddamn are soundbites like that refreshing.

No More Coach Speak

Reporter X- “Coach, you guys fell behind early and were unable to mount a comeback. Is there any specific reason the team started slowly today?”

Coach Y- “Well, ya know, at the end of the day, we need to be better at all three phases of the game. That starts with me getting the guys ready to perform. We need to execute for 60 minutes in order to come out on top.”

Great. Awesome. Amazing answer, man. That really gives us a lot to work off of. This is the signature brand of dull, meaningless coach speak that has long run rampant through professional sports, specifically football.

Dan Campbell will have none of this nonsense.

Dan Campbell is an enemy of coach speak. Win, lose, or draw, he’s gonna tell you exactly what he thinks and will pull precisely zero punches. That much was evident in his dynamite opening press conference; one can only hope he conjures up even more “knee cap” quotes throughout his coaching career.

A Little College Football Flavor

From WSU Cougar Athletics

College football coaches tend to have a little more personality than NFL coaches. NFL coaches are robots, programmed to produce victories and nothing else. Dan Campbell seems to have that college football edge to him, the same edge that guys like Lane Kiffin, Mike Leach, and Ed Orgeron have. Those coaches turn pre and postgame interviews into must-see events, while NFL head coaches typically go through the motions, giving as little as possible for us to analyze.

Maybe Dan Campbell is a success in Detroit, maybe he isn’t. But I’m rooting for him. Writers and fans like me will be tuning in every time he is behind a mic, eager for the next t-shirt-worthy quote to come rocketing out of his mouth.

I’m pulling for you, Dan The Man Campbell.